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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Body scanners at Indian airport

Times Now reports body scanners to be introduced in Indian Airports
23 Mar 2010, 1925 hrs IST
It’s being seen as a major thrust to airport security. In the wake of several security threats, the Civil Aviation Ministry has decided to introduce full body scanners in Indian airports. The full body scanner is capable of scanning through a person's clothes and has been introduced in certain countries including the U.S. The first body canner will be installed at a trial basis at the Indira Gandhi International Airport from July onwards.

Privacy issues and appropriate safeguards on health issues will be kept in mind before introducing the scanning machine in airports. Following continuous security threats at airports across the country, the ministry has become swift on the proposal for body scanners. Remember, just a few days ago, a crude bomb was detected in a Thiruvananthapuram bound Kingfisher flight.


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